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We believe the world deserves a better doormat than the sheddy, uninspiring, and cheaply made brown rectangles we're all guilty of owning at some point.

We're Matterly, and we're going to change the way you look at doormats.

More than the door...

Just because we call them doormats, doesn't mean they're not a perfect fit for other areas of your home. Click below to open the door of possibilities.

From the people
From the people
I’m loving my mats! Once you get your hands (or feet) on one of these, you'll never go back to anything else.
— Lindsay P. (Due North Doormat)
Dog on black and coir colored doormat at front door
From the people
I was so impressed by these mats that I ordered 6! The quality is phenomenal, they clean up easily and don't have the plastic chemical smell similar but cheaply made competitors do.

The double door size is perfection.
— Jessica (In Vein Doormat)
From the people
Great mat that is super cool looking, easy to clean, and effective. I wanted something that was more interesting than your average mat and this really is that! I love the design and how low profile it is!
— Alex
From the people
I purchased the double door green mat to go outside of my sliding glass door because I spend a ton of time on my apartment patio and am always tracking pollen and dirt in. The mat gets the job done - cleans my shoes and bare feet (and doesnt hurt my feet like those straw mats). It also looks SOOO stylish and adds a great pop of color to my patio. I can’t wait to buy more.
— Mar H
the Matterly Difference

A door mat as unique as you...

C'mon. You know you deserve a better doormat than a brown and boring bargain bin special. You have style, you have taste, and a personality that's uniquely you. You deserve a doormat that's as unique as you.

The Matterly Difference

Rubber - the bread to our butter...

So if mats are our bread & butter, rubber is our bread. And it's really, really good bread. Like New York Rye good.

It's so much better than the cheap PVC and vinyl you'll find on imported coco mats. Matterly rubber will never rot, crack, or crumble.

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