WaterHog Luxe indoor outdoor green doormat placed at the front door to help catch the grass, dirt, and moisture.
The WaterHog Luxe Collection

Best. Doormats. Ever.

Incredibly Stylish. Undeniably Durable. Uniquely WaterHog.

The Best Doormat. Ever.

The ultimate all-weather outdoor doormat, the WaterHog Luxe is built to handle any weather, anywhere, any time. Stop settling for cheap, brown, and sheddy. Up your front porch game with a versatile no-nonsense indoor outdoor door mat.

WaterHog Luxe doormat video that showcases the indoor outdoor doormat capabilities in multiple colors and sizes and that it's also made in America.
WaterHog Luxe all-weather, durable entrance doormat with incredible style.
Double Door Doormats

Double the Ooooo's...

Nothing makes us happier than seeing a set of beautiful double doors sporting a proper premium double door door mat. Whether you're placing on the inside, outside (or both), a doormat made for double doors takes your front porch to the next level.

Picture of a coco doormat with fiber strands that constantly shed and fall off.
No-Shed Outdoor Doormats

No More Bull-Shed Doormats

Tired of cleaning up after sheddy coco mats? Come experience the difference of WaterHog Luxe premium doormat. Not shed, no rot, just awesome door mats.

The Ultimate Outdoor Doormat

Kicking Grass & Taking Names Since 1986

Matterly's WaterHog Luxe is the modern version of America's longest-tenured doormat brand. Quality materials, striking design, American-made craftsmanship, and a history spanning 4 decades. That's the WaterHog doormat difference.

All Matterly doormats are durable rubber backed doormats.
Rubber Backed Doormats

Engineered for Excellence

When we set out to make the best doormats, we knew it had to start with a durable rubber backing. We don't waste time with cheap vinyl or PVC, we go straight to the good stuff.