The WaterHog Luxe Collection

Best Doormats. Ever.

Incredibly Stylish. Undeniably Durable. Uniquely WaterHog.

The Best Doormat. Ever.

The ultimate all-weather outdoor doormat, the WaterHog Luxe is built to handle any weather, anywhere, any time. Stop settling for cheap, brown, and sheddy. Up your front porch game with a versatile no-nonsense indoor outdoor door mat.

Picture of a coco doormat with fiber strands that constantly shed and fall off.

No More Bull-Shed Doormats

Tired of cleaning up after sheddy coco mats? Come experience the difference of WaterHog Luxe premium doormat. Not shed, no rot, just awesome door mats.

Kicking Grass & Taking Names Since 1986

Matterly's WaterHog Luxe is the modern version of America's longest-tenured doormat brand. Quality materials, striking design, American-made craftsmanship, and a history spanning 4 decades. That's the WaterHog doormat difference.

More about the best doormat you'll ever own...

The best doormat? Isn't that being a little subjective?

Well, yes. But only if you love cheaply made, imported doormats that do nothing but shed, fade, rot, and stink. That being said, we tend to believe people are ready for a better doormat, and a better experience for their front door. And that's where we, Matterly, come in. We're going to change the way you look at doormats.

Are all Matterly mats made in the USA?

They absolutely are. All Matterly doormats and decorative mats are made in the USA and backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase a Matterly mat, you’re going to get a quality, American-made floor mat in unique designs and colors you just can’t find at big box stores or discount outlets. Our long-lasting doormats are made to order and ship fast. Buy with confidence in knowing our Georgia-based customer service team is ready to help with any issues or questions you may have.

Just because we call it a doormat...

Not that we’re trying to brag, but Matterly doormats and decorative mats are the most versatile mats you can buy. Stylish enough to place inside your home, durable enough to withstand the toughest environments. Yeah, we may call them a doormat, they’re so much more than a mat. Looking for a mat for your front porch? Looking for a stylish kitchen runner mat, or a colorful laundry room mat, or a mat for your home bar or breakfast bar? Try our longer double door mats. Tired of cheap accent rugs that won’t lay flat, or cheap bathmats that won’t stay in place? Try our stylish single door mats and
change the way you look at a “doormat”.

Are WaterHog Luxe doormats all-weather doormats?

Don’t be fooled by the good looks of our great looking door mats, Matterly WaterHog Luxe doormats are built to tackle whatever Mother Nature will throw your way, no matter where you live. Live in Seattle? Our rubber backed welcome mats trap rain and moisture from boots and shoes. Faced with the winter blizzards of the Northeast?

Whether you’re looking to tackle the rains of the Pacific Northwest, the snow blizzards of the Northeast, the sand and grit of the Southwest and coastal beaches, the unpredictable weather of the Southeast, or the brutal storms and winds of the Midwest, we’re confident you’ll find that Matterly mats are by far the best floor protection against the elements.

How do WaterHog Luxe doormats protect my floors?

Awesome question. WaterHog Luxe doormats are incredible at floor protection for several reasons:

  • WaterHog Luxe front door mats feature a PET & silver ion fiber surface that scrape and trap moisture and debris that would otherwise likely their way to your floors.
  • All WaterHog doormats feature an incredibly durable rubber backing that helps prevent the moisture from the bottoms of shoes and paws from finding it's way to your floors.
  • WaterHog Luxe not only help protect your floors, but they also help protect you and your family from slips and trips due to moisture when used properly.
Can a WaterHog Luxe doormat be used as an indoor doormat?

Not only can WaterHog Luxe door mats be used as an indoor doormat, but they can also be used in other areas of your home where you need increased floor protection or added traction.

By using placing a WaterHog doormat just inside the front door, you'll help ensure a smooth transition from outside to inside with these durable rubber-backed welcome mats.

Remember, WaterHog Luxe double door doormats are perfect to place inside of larger double doors, but are also great to be placed inside of sliding glass doors and doors with sidelights.

Will WaterHog Luxe doormats stain from mud or clay?

This is a question we get often and the great thing is, no they will not!

WaterHog Luxe doormats are stain-resistant doormats that feature closed-cell fibers. Unlike coco mats and cotton mats, Water Luxe doormats are easy to clean outdoor door mats when they get a little muddy. Just hose down with a garden hose and allow to air dry before placing back on your floors.

We live near the beach, can WaterHog Luxe doormats trap sand?

We feel your pain, and yes WaterHog Luxe doormats excel at trapping sand.

Because WaterHog Luxe doormats feature a bi-level design, these outdoor doormats are able to easily scrape sand and dirt from the bottom of shoes and boots and filter down to the bottom of the doormat.

Just remember to routinely clean your WaterHog Luxe outdoor door mat to keep it performing at its optimal level.