Wedding season is upon us and what better way to celebrate newlyweds than by gifting them a personalized doormat for their home! Personalized doormats are a thoughtful and unique gift and can be customized with the couple’s last name, their house or apartment number, or monogrammed with their initial. The newlyweds will appreciate having a doormat that not only welcomes guests but also reminds them of their special day. Plus, Matterly personalized doormats come in a variety of styles and colors allowing you to choose one that matches the couple's decor and preferences. Not to mention, they’re durable and will last a lot longer than your average mat.

Check out some of our customizable options:

  • House/Apartment Number
    • Modern Main – This doormat features the house or apartment number prominently displayed in bold lettering, making it easy for visitors (or delivery drivers) to identify the house. In addition to its functional purpose, it comes in two classic colorways (coir and black, or light grey and dark grey) to enhance the home’s curb appeal. The Modern Main Personalized doormat is the perfect yet effective way to add a touch of personalization and style to the entrance of any home.

Personalized wedding gift idea - customized welcome mat for new home or housewarming gift personalized with your house or apartment number

  • Monogrammed – A monogrammed doormat is an excellent wedding present that the newlyweds can use every day all while displaying the couple’s initial.
    • Escher Monogram Doormat – Our take on the classic geometric design personalized with your initial and it comes in neutral tones of black and coir, or black and white.
    • Initial Stripes Personalized Doormat – This timeless, elegant design features a monogrammed letter of your choice and comes in two classic colorways: black on coir, or coir on black.
    • Spring Blooms Monogrammed Doormat - Wonderful repeating floral pattern serves as the background for a truly unique monogrammed doormat design which comes in two colorways: aqua and yellow, or green and yellow.
    • Basic Stripe Monogrammed Doormat – Simple vertical striped lines create the backdrop for this classic Monogrammed Doormat and comes in two colorways: black and white, or navy and pink.
    • Tattersall Monogrammed Doormat - This monogrammed doormat combines a classic plaid pattern in fresh and modern colorways like aqua & yellow, pink & grey, black & brown, or coir & brown.

Monogrammed doormat personalized with your initial.  The perfect wedding gift idea for a personalized touch for home owners

  • Personalized Doormats – Doormats that are personalized with the newlyweds’ last name.
    • Surname Script Personalized Doormat – A beautiful doormat personalized with your name in classic script font in your choice of coir on black, or black on coir.
    • Hashtag Personalized Doormat – Hashtag Personalized for the #Newlyweds! The Hashtag Personalized mat got its name from its crisscross stripes of hashtag (or pound sign). It comes in classic black on coir, or coir on black and is personalized with your name.
    • Botanical Personalized Doormat – A contemporary, repeating leaf patter in a classic coir on black color scheme personalized with your name.
    • Argyle Personalized Doormat - Our personalized version of the classic argyle pattern in a neutral color scheme personalized with your name that will look great paired with any door and décor!


Personalized doormat customized with your last name. The perfect housewarming or wedding gift idea for a personalized touch.

All of these doormats are from our Neighburly collection and would make a fantastic wedding present for any newlywed or housewarming gift. Overall, a personalized doormat is a practical and sentimental gift that is sure to be cherished for years to come.

June 23, 2023 — Leah Whitehead