The Evolution Continues

Un-Rug Your Space

Low-Profile • Stylish • Machine-Washable

Un-Rug your mind and embrace the low-profile matting movement that finally brings decorative harmony and unrivalled protection together.

The evolution continues...

True to our mission to change the way you look at floor mats, the Un-Rug is not your ordinary floor covering. It's a low-profile statement against the high-piled, dusty, and mundane rugs you've been forced to accept as the status quo.

The Ultimate Kitchen Mat

The last place you want to be caught ruggin' around is your kitchen. Join the low-profile, rubber-backed movement that is Un-Rug; the alternative to non-functional rugs in the kitchen.

Un-Rug low profile decorative floor mat is used as a bathtub mat and provides traction when getting in and out.
The Un-Rug low-profile decorative floor mat also serves as an excellent bathroom mat placed in front of a double vanity.

Stop Ruggin' Up Your Bathroom

Un-Rug your bathroom with incredibly low-profile, rubber backed floor protection. Enough with the soggy rugs and join the low-profile movement that is Un-Rug.

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What's the story behind the Un-Rug mats?

Honestly, we were getting tired of high-piled carpet, complicated multi-piece washable rugs that would never lay flat, and cheap constructed but overpriced vinyl mats being passed off as real solutions for the home.

The Un-Rug is the antithesis of all those mentioned above.

Literally the most versatile floor mat you'll ever own, the Un-Rug is an ultra-low profile interior mat that is capable of providing the right amount of style and protection for any room in your home.

You're really emphasizing the low-profile aspect of these decorative mats; why?

Simply put, the Un-Rug collection gives people a thin floor mat alternative to traditional accent rugs and carpet.

What's great about the low-profile aspect of these decorative mats, is that they blend so well with your flooring. No high-pile, unbacked rugs and vinyl mats that are notorious for slipping and catching feet.

At just over 1/16", the Un-Rug is backed by industrial grade nitrile rubber making it an incredibly durable mat that stays in-place while posing less of a risk for trips and slips compared to traditional accent rugs and vinyl mats.

Long story short, low-profile mats are pretty great if you ask us.

You call these interior decorative mats; where do you recommend I use them?

Another great question! The Un-rug is an incredibly versatile floor mat that's capable of living in almost any environment in your home.

Like we talked about earlier, the industrial grade materials make the Un-Rug a long-lasting floor covering that's ideal for high-traffic areas.

This means an Un-Rug mat can literally go in any area of your home. Obviously a no-brainer for a high-end kitchen mat, or a beautiful hallway runner mat, but the Un-Rug is ideal for so much more.

Upgrade the look of your bathroom and use as a bath mat or low-profile vanity rug. Our runner size serves as a great laundry room mat as it fits perfectly in front of a washer and dryer.

Barstools and chairs are notorious for scratching and damaging floors. The thin construction of the Un-Rug indoor mat collection allow for stools and chairs of all kinds to move and adjust without causing damage.

Bedrooms and home offices are ideal as the Un-Rug is a perfect desk chair mat solution or bedroom accent rug.

These are American made mats? And my satisfaction is guaranteed?

Yep, you heard right! All Matterly doormats and decorative mats are made in the USA and backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase a Matterly mat, you’re going to get a quality, American made floor mat in unique designs and colors you just can’t find at big box stores or discount outlets. Our long-lasting doormats are made to order and ship fast. Buy with confidence in knowing our Georgia based customer service team is ready to help with any issues or questions you may have.