Doormats need love too! Now granted it's not a child or a pet but, from time to time, you may need a little guidance on how to best care for your Matterly doormat. This guide is here to help by providing basic how to's and answers on common questions and occurrences you may encounter. 

As always, if you cannot find what you're looking for in this guide, don't hesitate to contact via the "chat with us" button below or by emailing us via

New Mat Owner Questions

My new Matterly mat just arrived! But it won't lay flat; is it defective?

Great question! No, this is a very common occurence due to the nature of rubber. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensure your Matterly mat lays flat.

  • Sometimes all your mat needs to do is relax! Bring it indoors and allow it to warm up to room temperature, or place rubber-side up in direct sunlight for approx 10-20 minutes, then execute the reverse roll method shown below.
  • Use caution if placing in direct sunlight; it will get hot if exposed for too long.
So this reverse roll method, it will make my mat lay flat?

The premise is pretty straightforward, simply roll in the opposite direction of the curl or hump.

99% of the time the reverse roll method will alleviate those pesky corners and sections that don't want to lay flat. If you continue to have issues, please contact Matterly Customer Service so we can work to find a solution.

Just roll with it...

Check out this clip to see how to reverse roll your mat and eliminate those pesky curls. Remember it works best when your mat is room temperature.

My mat has a strong rubber smell when I opened my box - will this go away?

Another great question. It is normal for a new mat to have a slight odor to it (much like new tennis shoes). This is due to the "off-gassing" of rubber, and will typically go away in a day or two after being out of the box.

I feel like I need to constantly clean my Matterly mats because of dirt and debris showing; is this normal?

Honestly, yes, and it's a good thing. This means your Matterly floor mat is working! It's doing its job by trapping and containing all the wet, dirty, and gross things that would otherwise be tracked across your home.

We'd recommend doing this every few weeks

General Cleaning Tips

Whats the best way to clean my Matterly doormat?

Well it depends on the what and how much. See below for specifics.

What's the best way to clean my mat from dust, dirt, leaves, and sand?

The tried and true method is to take your mat into the yard or similar and simply shake vigorously until the bulk of the debris is gone. You can also sweep or use your household vacuum as it will not hurt your Matterly mat.

We've been experiencing a lot of wet weather, and there's been a lot mud and muck tracked on my mat. How do I clean?

The best way to clean the mud and muck is to shake the loose debris first, and then rinse your mat thoroughly with a simple garden hose.

Always allow your mat to air dry completely before putting back in place.

I have some pretty stubborn stains that I'm having trouble with, how do I get them out?

Things like red clay and wine can be problematic and will stain most fabrics and textiles, but have no fear! Follow the same steps as above, but after an initial rinse, apply an adequate amount of your favorite spot remover (no bleach though!) or mild detergent. Take a soft bristled brush or rag to rub the solution in, and wait about 10-15 minutes and thoroughly rinse again. Allow to air dry before replacing.

Check out the video below for a real life stain removal in action!

Oh Mama Mia...

Spaghetti sauce on a light colored mat!?!? Sure to leave a terrible stain, right?

Not to worry friends...

What about using a stronger cleaning solution, like bleach?

No! Please do not use bleach. Harsh chemicals like bleach can adversly affect the materials found in your Matterly mat.

It probably goes without saying, but we're going to anyway. It is also important to keep your Matterly mat clear from any petroleum based liquids as they will negatively affect the rubber backing.

Can I use a pressure washer on my Matterly mat?

Oh yeah, and this is where our competition runs. Just follow these basic rules and your Matterly doormat will look brand new!

  • Apply mild detergent prior to pressure washing
  • Use a 40° nozzle (white)
  • Do not exceed 2000 psi
  • Keep the nozzle 8 inches or further away from the surface you are cleaning.
  • Allow to air dry completely.