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Hello friends, and welcome back to The Neighborhood! If you’ve come this far, you’re likely on a journey to find the perfect doormat for the inside of your home. Today we’re going to look at a popular topic and that’s washable indoor door mats. It’s a popular topic, but keep in mind you can also read a detailed overview of indoor door mats here: Just Inside the Door: A Fresh Look at Indoor Door Mats.

Let’s dive into some of the specifics around washable indoor doormats.

The Allure of Washable Indoor Door Mats

In the search for the perfect indoor door mat, the phrase "Indoor Door Mats Washable" is taking center stage. Homeowners are no longer willing to compromise style for functionality; they want both. A washable indoor door mat combines the best of both worlds, offering a trendy addition to your home while being a breeze to clean.

Machine washable Un-Rug is a low-profile and rubber backed doormat placed at double doors that leads to a swimming pool.

But let’s be real for a second, just because a mat maker says it’s mat is machine washable, doesn’t mean it should be. If your interior doormat is caked in clay and mud, you probably don’t want to wash that in the same washing machine you wash your unmentionables, right? Sometimes a good old-fashioned rinse and scrub with a garden hose and mild detergent is more than enough.

The Convenience Factor

Imagine the struggle of dealing with a stained or musty mat – not exactly the warm welcome you were hoping for. Sometimes traditional doormats can be difficult to clean, especially coco mats due to their tendency to shed. And if you live in an apartment in the city, it may be difficult to access the means, like an open area with access to water and a hose, to properly clean a doormat. This is where washable indoor door mats address the issue head-on. Convenience combined with materials that withstand the washing machine, these mats ensure a fresh and inviting entryway every time.

It's a Matter of Material

One of the key features of a top-notch washable indoor door mat is the choice of materials. Opt for high-quality, durable fabrics that can handle regular washing without losing their charm. Popular materials include polyester (PET) microfiber, and nylon. These not only resist stains but also maintain their vibrant colors and patterns over time.

All About That Style

Beyond their functional benefits, washable indoor door mats boast versatility in design. From classic patterns to modern geometric shapes, there's a washable mat to suit every taste and home decor style. Embrace the opportunity to make a statement with your entryway – after all, it's the first impression your guests will have of your home.

More than a doormat, this machine washable Un-Rug makes an awesome rubber backed bathmat in front of a modern tub.

How Easy is Easy Maintenance

The beauty of washable indoor door mats lies in their low-maintenance nature. No need for special cleaning agents or intricate care routines; pre-treat any potential stains and a quick toss in the washing machine does the trick. This simplicity not only saves time but also ensures that your door mat is always ready to greet guests with a spotless appearance. Opt for washable doormats that are single piece construction, particularly those with a thin rubber backing. Multi-layer washable doormats are often problematic in laying flat after washing. The Matterly Collection of machine-washable interior floor mats are great single-piece and rubber-backed options to place inside your front door.

Low-profile Un-Rug indoor doormat placed at front door and is rubber-backed and machine washable.

As We Wrap Up

Washable indoor door mats go beyond mere functionality; they can play vital role in defining your home's character. Embracing the popularity of machine washable mats isn't just a savvy choice for practicality; it's a way to enhance the aesthetic of your entryway. So, feel free to welcome guests with open doors and a chic, spotless indoor doormat that silently communicates volumes about your home.

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A Little Info to Let You Know…

We like to give you, the reader, a little info as to who we are. At Matterly, our history is deeply rooted in matting and floor coverings; like 6 decades deep. From where we sit as we type out this article, a quick walk through one set of doors leads out to a manufacturing plant floor where thousands of floor mats are made every day. We’re making rubber, we’re extruding fibers, we’re printing on textiles, and it’s all being done right here in America.

Overview of one of Matterly's Georgia based manufacturing operations.

December 10, 2023 — Mallory Toplisek