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Hello friends and welcome to The Neighborhood! When it comes to keeping your home clean and welcoming, a well-thought-out doormat system can make all the difference. In this edition, we’re going to outline the benefits of implementing an indoor doormat just inside the front door, and if you’re interested, you can read a more in-depth discussion about indoor doormats here: Just Inside the Door: A Fresh Look at Indoor Door Mats.

There’s a reason why companies like grocery stores, restaurants, and retail operations will spend tens of thousands of dollars on multi-mat systems in high-traffic areas; it’s because they work! And you can implement a similar model on a smaller scale to experience the same benefits for the floors in your home.

A Dynamic Duo: Moisture & Dirt Control

While many homeowners already appreciate the value of a durable all-weather doormat positioned just outside the front door, the real game-changer lies in extending the strategy indoors. By incorporating a quality indoor doormat just inside the door, you create a powerful two-tier mat system that excels at moisture and dirt control.

Outdoor Doormats: The First Line of Defense

Your outdoor doormat acts as the initial barrier against the elements. It bravely faces rain, mud, snow, sand, and whatever else Mother Nature throws its way. Crafted from tough, all-weather materials like rubber and closed-cell fibers, outdoor doormats are designed to withstand the harshest conditions while effectively scraping off dirt and moisture from shoes. Our WaterHog Luxe collection of all-weather doormats is an excellent outdoor scraper/wiper option.

Indoor Doormats: Finish Strong

Once inside, placed just inside the front door, an indoor doormat is ready to pick up where the outdoor doormat left off. Quality indoor doormats are often made with fibrous materials like recycled PET or polyester, working diligently to capture any remaining moisture and fine particles of dirt. Together with their outdoor counterparts, they form an unbeatable team, leaving your floors cleaner and your home more hygienic.

Two mat system featuring a WaterHog Luxe All-Weather Doormat and Neighburly Indoor or Outdoor Doormat

Get a Grip: Improved Traction

Beyond cleanliness, the collaboration between outdoor and indoor doormats contributes significantly to traction and safety within your home.

Outdoor Doormats: Traction Starts Here

A quality outdoor doormat plays a crucial role in improving traction and stability at your doorstep. They provide a sturdy surface for wiping shoes and help remove excess moisture and grime, which often factor into slips at the front door. This is particularly valuable during inclement weather, and will aid in ensuring everyone enters your home safely.

Indoor Doormats: A Secure Transition

As you step inside, the indoor doormat continues the mission of improved traction. A rubber-backed indoor door mat will not only provide a stable first step, its ability to trap and contain moisture will help keep interior floors dry and help reduce residual tracking. The two-tier system offers a seamless transition from outdoor to indoor spaces, prioritizing safety without compromising on style. Our Neighburly line of designer doormats are great indoor doormat solutions.

Two WaterHog Luxe all-weather doormats used as a two doormat system at the backdoor with boots resting on top.

A Dual Defense Mechanism: Floor Preservation

The combined power of outdoor and indoor doormats extends beyond cleanliness and safety—it actively contributes to the protection of your precious floors.

Outdoor Doormats: A Shield Against Coarse Debris

Outdoor doormats act as a robust shield against coarse debris like gravel, sand, and larger particles. By trapping these elements before they make their way indoors, your outdoor mat significantly reduces the chances of scratches and damage to your flooring.

Indoor Doormats: A Guardian of the Interior Floor

Once inside, the indoor doormat takes over with its fine-tuned ability to capture smaller particles. This ensures that your interior flooring, whether hardwood, tile, or carpet, remains free from scratches and abrasions caused by finer dirt and moisture.

Form Meets Function: Entryway Aesthetics

The collaboration between outdoor and indoor doormats effortlessly merges functionality with style, transforming your entryway into a welcoming and visually appealing space.

Outdoor Doormats: The First Impression

Outdoor doormats are often the first design element visitors encounter, and they set the tone for your home's aesthetic. With a myriad of styles, patterns, and materials available, you can choose an outdoor mat that complements your home's exterior and your personal style.

Indoor Doormats: An Interior Statement

Once inside, the indoor doormat takes over with its fine-tuned ability to capture smaller particles. This ensures that your interior flooring, whether hardwood, tile, or carpet, remains free from scratches and abrasions caused by finer dirt and moisture.

Monogram double door doormat paired with modern crane double door doormat

In Closing, Of Course 2 is Better Than 1

The benefits of creating a two-tier doormat system, combining the strengths of outdoor and indoor mats, are undeniable. From superior moisture and dirt control to enhanced traction, floor protection, and style, this dynamic duo proves that a small addition to your entryway can make a positive impact on your home's cleanliness, safety, and overall appeal.

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We like to give you, the reader, a little info as to who we are. At Matterly, our history is deeply rooted in matting and floor coverings; like 6 decades deep. From where we sit as we type out this article, a quick walk through one set of doors leads out to a manufacturing plant floor where thousands of floor mats are made every day. We’re making rubber, we’re extruding fibers, we’re printing on textiles, and it’s all being done right here in America.

Overview of one of Matterly's Georgia based manufacturing operations.

December 09, 2023 — Bobby DeBardeleben