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What’s up friends?! Welcome back to The Neighborhood, our series of guides, articles, and resources dedicated to all things doormats and floor coverings. Today we’re going dive into one of our favorite subjects, and that’s the art of personalized doormats. Just in case you’re interested, you can see a more robust discussion about doormats in our article Doormats: The Ultimate Guide to Find the Right Doormat for You.

We’ll start this piece off by telling you a little bit about who we are and what we do. At Matterly, our history is deeply rooted in matting and floor coverings; like 6 decades deep. From where we sit as we type out this article, a quick walk through one set of doors leads out to a manufacturing plant floor where thousands of floor mats are made every day. We’re making rubber, we’re extruding fibers, we’re printing on textiles, and it’s all being done right here in America.

Image of one of Matterly's manufacturing facilities in Georgia.

Read on to see how much the world of personalized doormats and custom welcome mats has evolved.

Life’s Too Short for Boring: The Art of Personalized Doormats

We’ve come a long way from the days of doormats being an afterthought; grabbing whatever uninspiring brown sheddy, shoddy, and shiddy mat was available at your local big box store. Perhaps you sprung for the green astroturf mat with the daisy bloom in the corner; so classy… But I digress, as those days are long gone. Let’s explore how to transform a simple doormat into a personalized canvas of self-expression and make it uniquely yours.

Personalized doormat with house number at front door

The Classic Approach: Last Names

The old tried and true. Placing your last name on a personalized name is a simple, but elegant way to enhance the look of your front door. Whether your style is modern or traditional, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a more ideal look and feel than placing your family name front and (sometimes!) center on your doormat. When searching out your ideal personalized mat, just be sure to confirm the character count will support your last name. In the case it does not fit, you may want to reach out to the company’s customer service team, as often times the art file for the personalized mat you’re interested in can be revised to accommodate your request.

A Welcoming Sight: Inviting Messages

A personalized doormat doesn’t have to be just about names; it can be a ground-level greeter that extends an invitation. Whether it's a simple "Welcome" or “Hello”, or even “Bienvenue”, a welcoming phrase sets an inviting atmosphere, and the words you choose can make your guests feel instantly at home.

It’s A Family Affair: Unique Combinations

Celebrate the ties that bind with personalized doormats that showcase family unity. Incorporate initials, birthdates, or a combination of names to create a unique design that symbolizes the bond shared by your household. It's a subtle yet powerful way to make your entrance truly yours.

Right Place, Right Time: Home Addresses

A modern, yet practical, approach for personalized doormats now sees the incorporation of home addresses and apartment numbers. It’s a fun and functional take on doormats that ensures that an entrance is easily identifiable. It's a subtle and stylish way to make your doormat serve a dual purpose—welcoming guests and helping them locate your home effortlessly.

Simple Elegance: Monogrammed Doormats

For those who appreciate timeless sophistication, monogrammed doormats are the epitome of elegance. Featuring the initial or initials of your family name, a monogrammed doormat adds a touch of refinement and character to your doorstep. Monogrammed mats seamlessly blend classic style with personalization, making a subtle yet lasting statement about your home.

As you embark on the journey of personalizing your doormat, remember that it's not just a decorative piece; it's a reflection of you. From the first step to the last, let your doormat tell a story—one that welcomes, entertains, and makes every entrance an expression of your unique style.

More Than A Pretty Face – Personalized Doormat Construction

A quality personalized doormat is more than just a great-looking doormat, it’s a tool whose construction and materials play a pivotal role in determining its durability, functionality, and overall performance. Explore the diverse materials and builds that contribute to the resilience of personalized and monogrammed doormats. We’re partial to rubber and closed-cell fibers like PET, but below is a list of materials commonly found in outdoor doormats.

Heavy-Duty Rubber

Rubber is an ideal material choice for personalized outdoor door mats due to its durability. Capable of withstanding constant foot traffic and exposure to extreme elements, rubber also provides excellent traction. Quality rubber will lay flat, resist curling, and will not rot. Rubber-backed mats are typically more expensive than vinyl or PVC due to their longevity and quality.

Lightweight PVC

A cost-effective alternative to rubber, PVC is often paired with coco fibers to create a low-cost and lightweight personalized doormat solution. PVC is a water-resistant material, but it does not perform well in extreme cold and heat. It has a much shorter lifespan than rubber and is susceptible to cracking and curling.

Natural Coir

Personalized coco mats, or coir mats, are typically screen printed and are the most common type of doormat. Coir, derived from coconut fibers, is a natural fiber that is often paired with vinyl for a low-cost matting solution. Coir mats are constructed with a coarse texture, ideal for scraping off dirt and moisture from footwear. Coco mats absorb water and take longer to dry out than PET or polypropylene. Known as an eco-friendly option, imported coir mats will also shed its fibers resulting in a shorter life cycle because of their loose construction.

Recycled PET Fibers

Recycled PET is a versatile and weather-resistant closed-cell fiber, ideal for personalized doormats in outdoor settings due to their ability to effectively wipe and scrape.

Close up of personalized Matterly doormat featuring durable recycled PET surface

Unlike nylon and coir fibers that absorb moisture, closed-cell fibers dissipate moisture, which is a fancy way of saying it traps and spreads water between fibers resulting in a much faster drying time. PET fibers also perform better in colder climates compared to coir and polypropylene. Also an eco-friendly option, PET fibers are made from recycled plastics and have a very long life cycle.

Classic Nylon

Nylon is still commonly found in floor mats due to its resilient properties. Nylon is a hygroscopic fiber which means it will absorb and hold water. It will not dry as fast as PET or polypropylene, but it will dry faster than coir. Nylon has a shorter lifespan than PET but will outlast coir fiber.

No matter if you’re looking for a modern personalized doormat or a classic monogrammed welcome mat, it’s a good idea to take a few minutes and familiarize yourself with the materials used in the doormats you are considering. Understanding the materials and construction of personalized doormats allows you to make an informed choice based on your specific needs, weather conditions, and aesthetic preferences.

Give Your Doormat Some Love

When it comes to personalized doormats, a little TLC and maintenance go a long way. These unsung heroes not only guard your floors but also add a dash of style to your space. With some care and attention, quality doormats can stick around for years. Here's a quick guide to ensure your doormat stays in tip-top shape.

On the Reg

Get into the rhythm of regular doormat care. Tie it in with other recurring tasks like mowing the lawn, raking leaves, or giving the family dog a bath. Consistency is the key to a happy, long-lasting doormat.

Keep it Simple

Think basic. A good shake for outdoor mats or a quick vacuum for indoor ones, alongside your regular floor maintenance, can work wonders. Simple, yet effective in maintaining functionality.

Spot Clean

Life happens, spills occur. Even if your personalized doormat is stain-resistant, address those little mishaps promptly. A mild detergent or sodium percarbonate (aka OxiClean) can do the trick. Follow the instructions, rinse thoroughly, and let it air dry before it makes its way back to your floor.

The Deep Clean

Every now and then, your personalized doormat deserves a spa day. Shake off the loose dirt, apply your favorite textile cleaner or mild detergent, and give it a good rinse. A soft-bristled brush can add that extra oomph, but remember to rinse thoroughly. Allow your doormat to hang out outside for a while and air dry completely before returning it to its spot.

Under Pressure

And in the extreme case of owning the dirtiest mat in the neighborhood, you can actually pressure wash your outdoor doormat. Apply a mild detergent, utilize a 40° nozzle (the white one), and do not exceed 2000 psi. While washing make sure to keep the nozzle 8 inches or further away from the surface you are cleaning. Allow to completely air dry before placing back on your floor and enjoy a like-new-looking doormat.

Full disclosure: we do not recommend this for any other mats other than Matterly doormats and outdoor mats to include WaterHog, WaterHog Luxe, and Neighburly doormats. Coir mats, coco mats, and cotton mats are not suitable for this type of cleaning method as they will likely fall apart.

Sunny Side Up

Consider the sunlight factor. While tough mats like the WaterHog won't fade, printed and coco mats might lose their luster over time. Intense sunlight can speed up fading and weaken materials. If you have printed or sublimated door mats, limit their exposure to direct sunlight.

Follow Their Lead

Different mats, different rules. Whether it's coir, rubber, or indoor carpet, each material has its preferences. Check the manufacturer's guidelines and treat your doormat accordingly.

By establishing a maintenance and care routine for personalized or monogrammed doormat, you not only prolong their lifespan but also ensure they continue to effectively fulfill their role in keeping your home clean and welcoming.

It’s the Gift That Counts, Too – A Personalized Gift

In the realm of gift-giving, few presents can match the charm and thoughtfulness of a personalized doormat or a monogrammed doormat. Whether celebrating a joyous occasion or extending a warm welcome, these doormats are versatile gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Wedding Gifts

Personalized doormat in brown and black colorway placed in front of front door.

Imagine the newlyweds stepping into their new life together, greeted by a personalized doormat adorned with their shared last name or the initial of their last name. Personalized doormats make unique and memorable wedding gifts, adding a touch of personalized warmth to the couple's home.

Anniversary Gifts

As the years pass, so do the milestones of love and commitment. Commemorate anniversaries with a custom doormat that capture the essence of the couple's journey, featuring significant dates, heartfelt messages, or even a playful reminder of their wedding day.

New Home Gifts

Help friends or family turn their new house into a home with a personalized doormat that bears the mark of their family name or the address of their new home or apartment. It's a practical and thoughtful way to celebrate a fresh start in a new abode.

Welcome to the Neighborhood

Monogrammed Initial Doormat - Pink Green White Black

Being the new neighbors on the block can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Ease the transition for newcomers with a personalized doormat that not only welcomes them to the neighborhood but also adds a touch of familiarity to their doorstep.

Birthday Gifts

For the friend who has everything, a personalized doormat is an unexpected and delightful birthday surprise. Choose a design that resonates with their personality, be it humorous, elegant, or sentimental, creating a gift that's as unique as they are.

Holiday Gifts

During the festive season, when homes are adorned with lights and decorations, a personalized doormat can be the perfect finishing touch. Spread holiday cheer with mats featuring festive designs, seasonal greetings, or even customized with the recipient's favorite Christmas colors.

The beauty of gifting personalized doormats lies in their ability to transcend occasions, making every step into a home a personalized experience. Whether it's a celebration of love, a warm welcome to a new neighborhood, or a simple gesture of thoughtfulness, these mats prove that sometimes the best gifts come in the form of a warm welcome.

Never Settle – Find the Right Personalized Doormat

The days of settling for whatever doormat is available at your local big box store are over. You deserve the perfect personalized doormat, one that fits your space, style, and needs. Let's take a look at some things to consider when searching for the ideal mat to ensure it not only complements your style but also stands up to the daily challenges of your home’s floors.

It Has To Fit

Let's talk dimensions because, well, size does matter. Your personalized doormat should play nicely with your entryway – too petite, and it might miss some dirt; too grand, and it could become a hazard. Double doors or sliding glass doors? Yep, you'll need a doormat specifically tailored for them. And don't forget about door clearance – make sure your mat isn't too thick, causing a door dilemma.

Large personalized double door doormat placed in front of larger door with sidelights.

It's a Matter of Material

Choosing the right material is key. Rubber for unbeatable grip and floor protection, PET fiber mat for shoe scraping, coir for a traditional look, or microfiber for absorption. Align the material with your specific needs. If your entrance is prone to dirt and grime, prioritize materials with easy-cleaning properties. High-traffic area? Opt for an personalized entryway mat that features durable materials. It's not just about looks; it's about selecting a mat built to perform.

Decorative Harmony

Your monogrammed door mat shouldn't clash with your decor; it should be a style sidekick. Skip the generic options just because they're easy to find. You deserve a personalized doormat that’s in tune with your interior vibe. From timeless patterns to sleek minimalism, the perfect mat is just a click away. Make a statement without sacrificing the overall look and feel of your space.

Heavy Traffic

Your mat needs to dance to the beat of your household. Is it a hustle and bustle kind of entrance or a calm oasis? For the constant shuffle, invest in a robust, rubber-backed personalized doormat with a PET fiber surface. Tailor your choice to your entry's demands, ensuring your mat weathers the storm of time and foot traffic.

These aren't the only things to consider, but they're the doormat essentials. From getting the right size to syncing with your decor and handling foot traffic, these tips are your guide to finding the personalized or monogrammed doormat that ticks all the boxes. So, let the quest for entrance perfection begin.

Eco-Friendly Personalized Doormats

We all want to do better when it comes to the environment, and if sustainability is important to you, there are eco-friendly options for you. As environmental consciousness continues to shape consumer choices, the demand for eco-friendly custom doormats has seen a significant rise. Embrace sustainability in every step with these environmentally conscious doormat options.

Recycled Rubber Backed Mats

Close up of durable rubber backing which is ideal for outdoor personalized doormat.

Many quality personalized rubber-backed mats feature recycled content in their backing. These mats contribute to waste reduction while offering durability and functionality. Repurposing rubber helps minimize the environmental impact, making these mats an eco-conscious choice. The Matterly WaterHog and Neighburly collection of mats feature 20% recycled rubber content.

Recycled Fiber Outdoor Mats

Personalized door mats made from recycled PET (polyethylene terephthalate) or polypropylene showcase a commitment to recycling plastic waste and prove to be very durable over time. These mats contribute to reducing plastic pollution while providing a durable and weather-resistant solution. The Matterly WaterHog and Neighburly collections feature 90% and 80% recycled PET respectively.

Natural Fiber Blend Mats

Imported personalized doormats crafted from a blend of natural fibers like jute, coir, and sisal are popular low-cost options. This combination offers an eco-friendly option with a diverse texture, effectively trapping dirt and moisture.

Domestic vs Imported

It’s important to consider the supply chain if environmental impact is an important factor to you. The farther a doormat has to travel to get to you, the less environmentally friendly it actually is. Imported mats often travel thousands of miles via trucks, ships, and rail that have large carbon footprints. And that’s just to get it to a warehouse in the United States.

Carbon Offset

Environmental impact is not limited to the materials used in making your doormat, more companies are utilizing carbon offset programs to help reduce their environmental impact. Check with your doormat manufacturer to see what environmentally-friendly programs they are actively participating in. Here’s a link to the environmental initiatives that Matterly is currently supporting = We Are Committed.

Matterly utilizes recycled materials throughout our collections and actively participate in programs to reduce our carbon footprint.

Alright let’s wrap this up

As we conclude our exploration of personalized and monogrammed doormats, it's evident that these seemingly simple accessories can leave a lasting impression. From the initial welcome to the unique touch they bring to your home, personalized doormats are more than just practical—they're an expression of your personality. So, the next time you step onto a customized entrance mat, remember that it's not just a mat; it's a personalized welcome that speaks volumes about you and your home.

December 12, 2023 — Mallory Toplisek