The Un-Rug Collection

Best Kitchen Mats. Ever.

Uncommonly Thin. Undeniably Durable. Un-Rugging Believable.

The Low-Profile Kitchen Revolution

Un-Rug is a departure from conventional kitchen mats and champions the low-profile matting revolution. The incredibly thin, one-piece construction allows you to transition effortlessly while the commercial-grade rubber backing grips the floor for much needed traction in the bustling kitchen. Oh, and did we mention it's machine washable?

The Dream Kitchen Mat

Your Sous Chef

Un-rugs are the perfect kitchen companion, being both machine washable for those accidental "oops" and designed to stay in place, saving you the hassle of constantly readjusting your kitchen mat.

Kitchen Rugs & Runners

The Un-Rug Revolution

Say goodbye to the traditional high-pile, mundane kitchen rug. Un-Rug mats effortlessly blend with your kitchen style while made to function with an incredible low-profile and durable rubber backing.

Kitchen Floor Mats

Un-Rug Your Floors

Relax with our low-maintenance, low-profile mat. No more worries about it shifting around out of place, no more worries about spills and difficult cleaning. Plus, with a range of designs to match your style, Un-Rug is a feast for the eyes.