First off – what is a coir mat? You may not know the phrase “coir” mat or “coco mat” – but it’s the rough hair like brown mats you see literally EVERYWHERE. You know the ones…. They have course bristle like fibers and you can find these doormats in pretty much every home décor store you go in. We buy them because they have a classic and simple tan and black look – but what we don’t think about is the mess they create instead of the mess they are supposed to help prevent!

More about non shedding coir look doormats

Yes, the tan and black look of a coir doormat is a timeless and classic style for your entryway – but is it worth it if it sheds, holds water, and creates a huge mess you constantly have to sweep up? No one wants a mat that creates it’s own mess instead of cleaning the messes off our shoes! But what if there was a mat that offered the LOOK of coir without the mess? Matterly is the solution. 

Matterly is the newest line of eco-friendly, NON-SHEDDING, low profile, stain resistant home décor of door mats and floormats that are made in the USA!

Gone are the days of thick, bulky, water holding, messy coir coco mats. Matterly has created an eco-friendly solution to the classic timeless look of coir mats! Our doormats are made from recycled bottles and recycled car tires. Because our stain resistant fibers are woven tightly together, they DON’T shed or fall apart like coco mats.

So what are you waiting on?? Kick that old coco mat to the curb and replace it with a doormat that will last multiple seasons! Shop our full collection of door and entryway mats online now! Want to know more about why we say no-no to coco mats? Check out our  blog post on coco mats, the coir material they are made from, and the unfortunate process used to make them.

July 01, 2022 — Leah Whitehead