We have all had doormats that slide around every time we open the door. It’s annoying, it scuffs the floor, it’s unsanitary, and it’s dangerous! When you open your front door you expect to step on to a doormat – if you have a high pile mat that slides every time you open the door – that defeats the purpose!

Matterly mats are the solution. Our low profile doormats are only 0.326-0.351" thick. Yes, you read that right! Just over a quarter inch which provides clearance in virtually any doorway!

Low profile doormats are not only great for doorway clearance – they also help prevent tripping hazards. Toddlers, wheelchairs, and even busy adults will appreciate the fact that our mats don’t get in the way when it’s time to scoot out the door.

See for yourself the difference the “other guys” offer with coir doormats compared to the super low profile doormats of Matterly. Even the smallest wheels of skateboards, roller skates, and scooters just glide right over the mat!

Shop Matterly eco-friendly, low profile, non-shedding mats and make your floors the happiest they’ve ever been!

June 28, 2022 — Mallory Toplisek