The WaterHog Luxe Collection

Let's Kick Some Grass

Doormats Ready to Tackle the Wet, Yuck, & Gross

The Best Doormat. Ever.

The ultimate all-weather doormat, the WaterHog Luxe is built to handle any weather, anywhere, any time. Stop settling for cheap, brown, and sheddy. It's time to up your front porch game with a versatile no-nonsense indoor outdoor door mat.

Picture of a coco doormat with fiber strands that constantly shed and fall off.

No More Bull-Shed Doormats

Tired of cleaning up after sheddy coco mats? Come experience the difference of WaterHog Luxe premium doormat. Not shed, no rot, just awesome door mats.

Kicking Grass & Taking Names Since 1986

Matterly's WaterHog Luxe is the modern version of America's longest-tenured doormat brand. Quality materials, striking design, American-made craftsmanship, and a history spanning 4 decades. That's the WaterHog doormat difference.