Neighburly was designed to provide the popular look of a coco mat, but with far more function and longevity. Coco mats have a lot of drawbacks that you can learn more about in our  Say no to Coco blog.

  • The low profile design makes Neighburly user-friendly for visitors who shuffle their feet, which is all of us sometimes but is particularly important for the elderly and toddlers to minimize the likelihood of a tripping accident.
  • The PET surface is coarse and tightly woven so it effectively removes debris from shoes and can withstand heavy traffic. It's also incredibly eco-friendly with 85% recycled content.


The tightly-woven looped fibers give Neighburly its unique look and feel. The coarseness of the fibers gives it a beautiful texture and make it highly effective at removing debris. Many have described the mat's texture as being reminiscent of burlap. When you combine that with its warm, welcoming appearance and its overall user-friendliness for everyone ages 1 to 99, Neighburly seemed like the perfect name!


WaterHog was specifically designed to handle the rigors that come with outside exposure - heavy tracking, moisture, and direct sunlight.

  • The bi-level surface design features peaks designed to clean your shoes and valleys designed to trap the dirt/debris/moisture and keep it off your floors.
  • The fibers that make up the surface of the mat are highly resistant to fading. While you will experience some loss of color over time (because the sun always wins in the end), these fibers will hold their color for an incredibly long time (years). You will see some fading, but it will happen very slowly, so much so that you likely won't notice it until years later, and even then only when you compare it to a brand new mat of the same color.
  • The surface is designed to dissipate moisture so it dries quickly, and it also contains anti-microbial fibers to destroy odor-causing bacteria (which are particularly problematic in wet areas where mats are often located).


The unique construction of the WaterHog surface is made by a process called "needle-punch." Needle-punching adds structure to an otherwise unstructured ball of fibers. The mat's rubber backing contains recycled rubber from car tires, and it's uniquely treaded to prevent the mat from moving and skidding across your floor.