The Happy Feet Comfort Mat Collection

A Sole Revival

Comfort • Stylish • Easy to Clean

There's a rebirth of comfort emerging right before your eyes that's destined to transform the hard and unforgiving floors of your home.

The evolution continues...

When we set out on our mission to change the way you look at floor coverings, setting a new standard for comfort in the home was towards the top of the list. The Happy Feet Collection utilizes the newest anti-fatigue technology available to create a stunning and superior anti-fatigue floor mat you simply will not find anywhere else.

Anti-Fatigue Happy Feet mat, Kintsugi in Peacock blue with shattered-like streaks of gold
Durable and comfortable Happy Feet Anti-Fatigue mat featuring a floral medallion pattern placed in front of kitchen range top.

Comfort is the best ingredient

Make the grind of those kitchen chores suck a little bit less and give your joints a break with the newest comfort foam technology. A revival of comfort is headed for your kitchen floors, and its name is Happy Feet.

Comfort for the bath too

A revival of comfort is coming to transform the cold and hard floors of your bathroom. Turn your daily routine into a joyous occasion with a premium bathroom comfort mat that is the Happy Feet Collection.

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What exactly are Happy Feet mats?

Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats are our solution to provide relief from typical aches and pains people get from standing on hard, uncomfortable floors.

Just like our other product lines, we weren't really happy with other comfort mats being sold on the market.

Most are imported, made with cheap PVC foam that's bad for the environment, and severely lacking when it comes to design.

We're really excited about the Happy Feet line as it brings, style, comfort, and floor protection all together, in a single piece floor mat construction.

You keep saying "anti-fatigue" mat, what does that mean?

Good question! The technical way to describe anti-fatigue mats is like this:

A specialized ergonomic flooring solution designed to reduce the physical strain and discomfort associated with prolonged periods of standing. Anti-fatigue mats feature a combination of compression and resilience properties to promote micro-movements in the legs and stimulate blood circulation, thus alleviating the muscular fatigue and discomfort associated with static standing.

The Matterly way to describe an anti-fatigue mat? A really comfortable mat that makes your feet, knees, and back feel better while you stand.

So what makes Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats so special?

We've been asked this question a lot!

Happy Feet is no ordinary comfort mat. We've invested tremendous resources in new cutting edge anti-fatigue technology to produce an extremely high quality anti-fatigue mat.

Of course, because it's a Matterly mat, the designs and styling are far and away the best on the market, but the special sauce for Happy Feet lies within the highly resilient polyurethane foam backing originally meant for commercial and industrial applications. What you get is an extremely durable anti-fatigue mat that will last a very long time.

The high resolution printed polyurethane surface is waterproof, stain resistant, and super easy to clean.

Combine all these things together and you have the best anti-fatigue mat for the home!

I've done some research and notice a lot of comfort mats contain PVC; do yours?

We are proud to say that Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats are 100% PVC free!

We're so glad you did your research, because it is true that many comfort mats and anti-fatigue mats do contain PVC.

The most common reason for this is because foams that contain PVC are lower quality and cheaper. The result is a mat from materials that provide sub-par comfort and a short lifespan.

Where would you recommend I put Happy Feet in my home?

Love this question. Wherever you stand for long periods of time in your home!

Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats are made to help relieve the aches and pain from standing, so think about like this: all those daily tasks we often get stuck with, whether it's washing dishes, folding and ironing clothes, cooking meals, fixing our hair, working from home; these are all things that require standing for long periods of time.

Happy Feet anti-fatigue mats are the perfect cushioned kitchen mat, an ideal waterproof bathroom vanity mat, an ergonomic standing desk mat, or soft laundry room mat. Literally anywhere you stand, Happy Feet mats are a great standing mat solution.

These are American made mats? And my satisfaction is guaranteed?

Yep, you heard right! All Matterly doormats and decorative mats are made in the USA and backed by our customer satisfaction guarantee. When you purchase a Matterly mat, you’re going to get a quality, American made floor mat in unique designs and colors you just can’t find at big box stores or discount outlets. Our long-lasting doormats are made to order and ship fast. Buy with confidence in knowing our Georgia based customer service team is ready to help with any issues or questions you may have.