At Matterly, we feel it important to create beautifully design mats that are also eco-friendly. But what exactly does an eco-friendly mat mean and what are the benefits? Let us tell you!

Our  Neighburly Collection of door mats feature tightly woven coarse bristles that thoroughly wipe your shoes while the thoughtful design makes for a warm and inviting welcome. The woven surface is made with 85% recycled plastic. The PET fibers are not just eco-friendly, they are stain resistant and make our mats extremely low maintenance! On the back you will see our universal no slip rubber backing made from 20% recycled car tires. A wonderful use for recycling and also creates an extra grip backing that is great for speedy pets, toddlers and children, or just to prevent any and all slipping and tripping hazards!

Our  WaterHog Collection of entryway mats boast fade-resistant P.E.T fibers that are highly resistant to fading making this a mat that can withstand the rigors of outdoors (sunlight, rain, snow). The surface is 97% recycled content making them eco-friendly and the durable rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires. Our WaterHog line is also antimicrobially treated. These mats feature a silver ion fiber woven into the fabric and they are quick-drying to help reduce odors and the bacteria growth that causes those odors and other unpleasantries (like mildew, mold, fungus). Because we use a silver ion fiber and not a topical treatment, the anti-microbial benefits are there for the life of the mat. They aren’t going to fade away or wash away with a topical treatment; the fibers are literally part of the mat.

Matterly eco friendly doormats are made from 84-97% recycled plastic bottles on the surface of the PET stain resistant fibers Matterly eco friendly doormats are made from 20 percent recycled car tires on the back making our rubber backing a wonderful no slip extra grip surface that is good for the environment

What about the brown coco mats I see everywhere? Aren’t they eco-friendly?

Short answer. NO. Beyond the shedding and odors, there are a number of reasons why coco mats are not the best mat choice. For years, manufacturers of coco mats have touted the eco-friendliness and sustainability of coco mats because those coco fibers come from coconut husks and are a waste product from the coconut industry. However, the use of waste does NOT an eco-friendly product make. Coco fibers require a significant amount of water to process, and the process creates a tremendous amount of polluted waste water. Most coco is processed in countries like Sri Lanka, Philippines, Vietnam and Indonesia where unpolluted water is in short supply. Furthermore, the processing creates extremely dusty working conditions known to induce nasobronchial allergies and abnormalities with pulmonary function. Working conditions like this are not legal in North America or Europe. Lastly, once the fibers are processed and mats are made, they must be shipped halfway across the world which even further expands their already large environmental footprint.

Coco mats are not eco friendly and use fresh water to process the fibers. Matterly creates eco friendly mats that are good for the environment and high on fashion.

Click here to read why we say NO NO to coco and why Matterly provides a better mat alternative to coco mats.

So if you are looking for a doormat you feel good about having in your home that wont shed, stink, or slip – check out our beautifully designed mats that are eco-friendly and highly functional. We know you will love the upgrade to your porch, door, patio, or wherever you choose to place our mats! 

April 18, 2022 — Leah Whitehead