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Textured Stripes Multi Doormat

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$70.00 - $130.00
Made to order. Typically ships within 3-5 business days.

It’s everything you ever wanted your coco mat to be.  It doesn’t shed, it doesn’t stink, it’s eco-friendly and durable.  

  • FUNCTIONAL BEAUTY – Tightly woven coarse bristles thoroughly wipe your shoes while the thoughtful design makes for a warm and inviting welcome
  • GREEN – Woven surface is made with 85% recycled plastic and the durable rubber backing contains 20% recycled rubber from car tires
  • IT FITS – Available in two sizes – single door and double door – to appropriately cover your doorway because size matters!  Single door mat measures 21" x 33" and double door measures 21" x 68".  Both sizes may vary up to 5% due to the manufacturing process (rubber shrinks and expands in conjunction with temperature and time).
  • LOW MAINTENANCE – Just hose it off. Yeah, it’s that simple.  Those beautiful PET fibers are stain resistant, and if you have some mud or debris that hangs around, your garden hose sprayer should easily remove it.
  • MADE IN THE USA – Designed and artfully crafted in Georgia
  • Ideal for use inside your doorway or outside your doorway if your porch is covered.  If your doorway is uncovered and/or receives prolonged direct sunlight, we recommend a Needle & Tread mat
  • Neighburly doormats have a low profile design at just over 5/16 inch thick (0.326") to provide clearance in virtually any doorway.

How did Neighburly get its name?  The coarseness of the fibers gives it a beautiful texture and make it highly effective at removing debris. Many have described the mat's texture as being reminiscent of burlap. When you combine that with its warm, welcoming appearance and it's overall user-friendliness for everyone ages 1 to 99, Neighburly seemed like the perfect name!

The Textured Stripes Multi design provides color and texture to give visual interest to your doorway.  Colors included are Aegean blue, currant/burgundy, dark brown, and coir paired with white.

*Matterly white is not bright white.  It's more of an off-white, but not so off we'd consider it cream/ivory.  Just slightly off white.


Neighburly mats are made to order and typically ship within 3 to 5 business days. 

Matterly ships via UPS Ground. Once your order is completely filled, you will receive shipping notification via email. 


  • To remove loose debris– Sweep it off.  You can vacuum it too, but we find sweeping to be the most effective way to remove debris.   You can also employ the tried and true “shake it off” method.
  • To remove soil/stains – Attach a sprayer to your garden hose, spray it off outside and allow it to dry.  If you don’t have a sprayer for your garden hose, just place your thumb over 3/4 of the hose opening to create your own high-pressure stream of water!  The PET fabric is stain-resistant, but should you end up with a stubborn spot on your mat, you can use mild detergent and scrub gently.
  • Always allow your mat to dry before putting it back in place.  It will dry fastest if you hang it to dry.
Color Options::

Neighburly Textured Stripes Multi paired with Needle & Tread In Vein in wheat.

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