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Free First Day of School Sign

Free First Day of School Sign

Aug 1st 2022

Free First Day of School Printable Milestone Sign

The Summer always feels so short, but sometimes it’s nice to get back into a routine. The first day of school is right around the corner and our Facebook feeds will soon be flooded with first day of school photos! Sure, the focus is on the kids… but we all see the most popular spot to take the photos. That’s right, it’s your front door! Is your front door ready for photos that will soon be seen by ALL of your friends and family? We want to make sure it is – and we have a few tips for you as well as a FREE first day of school printable for your kids so you can see how much they change in a year!

Tips for a “First Day of School” ready porch:

  1. Sweep or blow off your porch area so it’s free from debris. You’d be amazed how some leaves and dirt can make or break a photo. It takes away all the visual clutter and helps you focus on the real starts – your kids!
  2. Make sure your door is clean. This is something that is easily overlooked, but front doors can get pretty nasty over time. Simply wiping it down will help freshen it up. Make sure the glass in the windows or side lights are free from fingerprints, smudges, or puppy dog nose prints (we know it happens!)
  3. Give your door a fresh coat of paint if it needs one! Yes, this can be a little more time consuming, but even touching up areas that have chipped will make a huge difference. You don’t have to overthink the color if giving a whole new coat – just choose something neutral and classic and change out accessories to bring in color. Or you can use this as your chance to take a little risk at a bold new front door color. Just make sure your HOA approves if they need to!
  4. Knock down any spiderwebs in corners and on the ceilings. You’d be surprised at how much they show up in photos! Plus they probably just need to go for now – you can add them back in October for Halloween!
  5. Pressure wash your porch or walkway. For areas like this it doesn’t need to be a high pressure machine – even a simple high pressure hose with some driveway wash (yes, this is actually a thing!) will give it a clean look!
  6. Wash your siding or brick.  While we are washing things – check out your local hardware store for some house wash. You simply hose it on and dirt just falls right off!
  7. Add accessories.  Plants are an excellent way to spruce up your door area!  If you have room for chairs or a bench, make sure you have new pillows and the chairs are clean and fresh.  Cute statues are another great way to give your door area a little personality.
  8. Add a NEW Doormat!  What your kids stand ON matters! A nice new doormat will really finish the look! Avoid traditional coco mats – you know – the course bristle doormats that you find everywhere! They will shed all over your freshly swept porch and we don’t want to do even more work once we are done! We suggest a low profile, non-shedding Matterly mat! Color and style options to suit every aesthetic.  Shop online now!

We hope you enjoyed our tips and we would LOVE to see your kids on the first day of school with our Matterly First Day of School Printable!

Click here to download and print your FREE first day of school sign

Just open, print, and if you choose to frame it make sure you purchase a "certificate frame" that's 8.5x11".  The Dollar Tree typically has them for a buck!  

Photo Tip: You may also want to consider taking out the glass for the photo so there isn't a glare when you snap the shot!  

Tag us on IG if you use the printable with hashtag #matterlyfirstday

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